Jura Core Range Whisky Tasting

Jura distillery situated in the island of Jura opened in 1810, bur prior to that private distillation did take place for personal consumption but was banned in 1781. Today, the distillery is owned by the United Breweries Group of India. In our line-up, we have three whiskies, the Jura Origin 10yo, Superstition and Diurachs’ Own 16yo.

Jura Whisky "Origin" 10 year old

Jura Whisky “Origin” 10 year old

Jura Origin 10 year old

The whisky is aged in ex-bourbon casks for 10 years. The distillery says the term “Origin” signifies rebuilding of the community and the rebirth of the distillery. The bottle has the Celtic symbol of birth, beginnings and the forces of nature. The aroma has apples, honey and vanilla and quite inviting for an opening dram. The palate is also quite honey like, with caramel and some liquorice. There is some mild-spiciness in the palate whilst the finish is soft and gently smooth but rather quick. There is some lingering bitter that can be associated with cocoa or dark chocolate.

whiskytale: It’s Friday morning at the office. There you are looking forward to an easy day before the weekend. Instead, your boss unloads onto your desk a barrage of folders that needs your attention. You sigh; this is going to be a long day. There you are threshing through the folders, one moment your mind is on one thing and then the next moment, you’re onto another thing. Your brain hurts with all the juggling. At the end of the day, you got the work done. Hoorah, and now you need something to help you wind down, something that is simple and uncomplicated and have no surprises. You arrive home by your doorstep, you open your door, and your pet golden retriever comes running out, tail wagging with its favourite toy in its mouth. “This is just perfect” you think, a nice uncomplicated moment in the park with your man’s best friend throwing fetch with its favourite toy. The Jura Origin is just that; it’s uncomplicated, it’s predictable and yet a very welcoming dram to a long day.

Jura Superstition

Jura Superstition

Jura Superstition

The term superstition is created for a whisky to play on the oddities of whisky making. Its stories passed from generations such as never cutting peat before the month of May. Jura wanted to create a wild whisky called superstition and they’ve added the ancient Ankh cross, a symbol of good luck in the western isles, to the front of the bottle. Jura says, the finest young and aged (up to 21yo) are bottled and creates a different flavour with every sip. Compared to the Origin, the Superstition aroma has a lot more depth, dark honey and subtle vanilla. The palate is mildly salty and citrus like. There is a hint of smoke, nutmeg with caramel and the finish is dark chocolate and cocoa like.

whiskytale: You have a sweet-tooth. Every afternoon, you take a short walk to the shop to buy your favourite candy. Your daily candy dose is just right for you; it has nice established flavours but not too sweet and not too rich just so you can keep your day moving. Week on week, it’s the same candy you buy. One day, your taste-buds get a little tired and desire a flavour change. So once again you’re at the shop, you stare at all the candies on display for a good 5 minutes being indecisive on what to buy. The shopkeeper looks at you wondering what you’re up to. You’re down to two choices in the end and the candy you picked isn’t the one you know, in fact it’s a candy you never give a second look. But for today it kind of feels just right, and you say “what the hell!”, and pay your money. You unwrap and take a bite. To your surprise, it’s just right. It has all the flavours with the right amount and you say to yourself, “This could be my new favourite candy”. This is Jura Superstition. It’s a whisky with an Ankh cross on it but has no age statement. You don’t know what to make of it but if you decide buy it, you won’t be disappointed. It has just the right aroma and palate with the right balance and you’re quite content with it.

Jura Diurachs' Own 16 year old

Jura Diurachs’ Own 16 year old

Jura Diurachs’ Own 16yo

The 16yo spent 14 years in an American white oak before spending a further two years in ex-Amoroso Oloroso sherry casks. Jura says it’s a people’s choice whisky and associate heritage that comes with Diurach stamp in each bottle. Like the superstition, the aroma has dark honey, Christmas cake, toffee and lightly aqueous. The palate is mildly salty with citrus, apples and dark fruitcake. The whisky is more grounded compared to the Origin and Superstition. The finish on the other hand is smooth, gentle and very quick with little that lingers after.

whiskytale:  You’re a professional sportsman and tomorrow is the tournament finals. This is the last leg for you and the chance to finally win that trophy you’ve been dreaming since childhood. However, the night before and your nerves are jittery, and in spite of having the confidence to win, you can’t help yourself. You need something or someone to take your mind off the game. You pick up your phone and scroll through your contact list and find an old childhood friend you haven’t spoken in good many years. You wonder how he is, and decide to call him. He picks the phone up, and is a little surprise but really glad to hear from you. You guys talk about absolutely everything but the game. At times, you almost forget you’re playing tomorrow and your friend in spite of knowing doesn’t utter a word about it too. Your childhood friend is like the Jura Diurach’s Own 16yo. It’s rich and has a lot of depth, but there is nothing in the aroma and palate or the finish that is overwhelming or belligerent. You will enjoy in every dram and in the end just call it a night and start fresh tomorrow.

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