Imperial 18 year Old – Hunter Laing

Imperial 18yo Hunter Laing

Imperial 18yo Hunter Laing

To begin, it’s one of those sad stories in the whisky industry; the Imperial Distillery was closed in 1998. Perhaps, the Angels work in mysterious ways as some of these lost distilleries may not have been given the recognition they deserved if not for their unfortunate closure. These whisky(ies) become sought after by connoisseur and the same said about the Imperial Distillery.

In my hand is a dram of Imperial 18 year old distilled in May 1985, stored in a hogshead and bottled in May 2013 by Hunter Laing. There are a total of 346 bottles with an ABV of 50%. The spirit was matured in a refill American oak, so I would assume previously filled with bourbon. The aroma has vanilla, quite ginger, earthy and almonds/marzipan. Upon taking a sip, the palate is salty, almost marmalade/orangerie like and lightly nutmeg. Reminds me a little of the Compass Box Orangerie Infusion with more maltiness. The finish flows through the throat swiftly but a mild bitter and the tangy palate continue to linger. The bottle would cost you £130.

whiskytale: At a dinner party, there is the Del boy entertainer and he’s spotted you and comes your way. You’re not in the mood for trinkets, but the Del boy persists. After all, he’s the indomitable impressionist. To make his point, he brings out the one and only trinket that he guarantees to put a smile on your face. You’re wowed and now think to yourself, there is nothing the Del boy can perform now that will out do his last act. The Del boy smiles and moves on to his next customer. The Imperial 18yo does that, you may be hesitant about the whisky, but it does come with a bold name and out to prove a point. One hit on the palate and you’re sold, and now you think nothing else will out do it tonight.

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